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If you DID cut last night, I’m still cheering for you.
If you DID purge last night, I still have faith in you.
If you DIDN’T eat last night, you can do it sweetheart.
If you COULDN’T calm down your anxiety, you’ll be okay because you’re strong.
If you DID let the bullies get to you, you’re going to stand up to them one day, I know it.
Relapse and mistakes are part of life. I’m STILL proud of you.

reblogging for that ^ i love everything about this post and that comment.

This is perfect :’)

The thought that this post could of made just a few people smile is amazing



If you don’t have room for a baby monkey on your blog you’re running the wrong kind of blog.

"Hell is a place on earth"

- six word sentence (heruion)

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Yader Combs

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